by Shin Guard

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we thank excellence for motivating us.
we thank tragedy so we can prepare for the worst that is yet to come.


released April 1, 2017

Owen Traynor - vocals, guitar, songwriting
Joe Bojarski - vocals, guitar, songwriting
Jack Sismour - bass
Ryan Yester - drums

December 2016 - February 2017

Cover Painting by Maddie Bordo
Produced by Owen Traynor



all rights reserved


Shin Guard Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

pittsburgh sadness

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Track Name: Shot In The Dark
lying awake trying to stare
quivered breath drawn into the air
am I what I used to be
before was bad but the best seemed better
can't help that I am an upsetter
recall what you said to me

the shame has returned
something traumatic
something learned
drop it all and plow
hurt me then
hurts me now

confronting myself
like hunting myself

answer a question not inquired
all I can do is be inspired
improvement at my feet
won't fall and land into the gutter
but don't expect me not to stutter
try not to accept defeat

you think I come out stronger
but the list is written longer
a list of missing parts
all I am is a shot in the dark
Track Name: Cold Heart
I'm gonna take it apart and put it back together
I'm gonna see if I can make it fly
always been the only one who's always been so alone
I'll be the only one here after you die

cold heart
make me fade away
long nights
keeping me up
disappearing days

I hear the scratching on the walls and the windowpanes
open up your door won't you let in the rain
I am the cold wind that's knocking down your door tonight
I'm tired of waiting when I know there's something more inside
Track Name: Break Me Down
I know myself and I know you
I know my mind never seemed so new
you get so scared every time the lights go out
maybe your problem is closing your eyes too soon

help me break me down

I gotta leave I can't keep keeping you down
I get so black every time I hit the ground
so when you pick me up don't take me too far
because I'm tired of burning on my way back down
Track Name: An Apology
I'm not there for you
when you need me the most
your cries for help
are outside of my field
when I think maybe
this will work
I should've kept my
lips sealed

we struggle but your kindness
has proven that I have something to give
so many years of passion I couldn't show to anybody
as long as I've lived
so many symbols of false hope I'm so naïve
but I know what they're trying to say
always right I can't love again
I must clip the wings of everything in my way

you tell me
that everything is your fault
but I always push you
over the edge
you can never make
the single promise
that will save you
from the ledge

I know you can't help it neither can I
but I do my best
you're so good you don't deserve it
your promise to try is a difficult test
when you talk about everything
I never want to speak again
your words are superior to all I know
it's why they rely on you and call you their best friend

I'm sorry.
Track Name: Étude
you wrote lyrics in red pen
fortissimo done again
this melody's plagiarized
from people that you despise
imagine your tear filled face
cause you're running out of space
giving hints you plan to leave
they're covered by thick long sleeves

our interactions I pass you by
you smile but you want to die
I know how it feels wrong
no one hears me sing my song
to emotions we all are slaves
and I know we can't be saved
before you disappear
just know that I'm always here